Public Health & Business Partners: Collaborating for a Prepared Community

Business Partnerships

Yolo County and the Sacramento Region welcome you to our Public Health Business Partners Page! Currently the Yolo County Health Department and the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services are working with businesses locally and nationally to prepare for and respond to Public Health Emergencies. This includes anything from a large scale communicable disease outbreak to a biological agent release.

When a business chooses to partner with Yolo County or Sacramento County Public Health they get the opportunity to work one on one with public health professionals and are given access to online training programs to educate their employees in both personal and professional emergency preparedness. Our business partners also get access to other public health programs that promote healthy choices and lifestyles. We see our partnerships with business as another way for companies both large and small to protect their most important assets - their employees.

Current Partnerships

Congratulations to our first business partners to sign on: Calgene-Monsanto & Target.

Push Partner Point of Dispensing (POD) Training

Push Partner
Picture of Push Partner POD

This is an on-line training for those businesses that have signed up to become a Push Partner POD with their local Health Department. This training covers the basics of conducting a Push Partner Point of Dispensing (POD) site at your facility for rapidly distributing emergency medications to employees and their families in the event of a declared emergency. If you would like additional information about or are interested in becoming a Push Partner POD facility, click on the last link below and someone from the Health Department will contact you.

Reciept Storage and Staging (RSS) Emergency Medical Supplies

Picture of Push Partner POD

This course is an introductory on-line class for our business partners that have warehousing capabilities and have signed up to partner with the Health Department to Receive, Stage and Store (RSS) state or federal medical supplies that may be requested in a large scale disaster. This course covers the basics of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) program as well as other information that our RSS Partners would need to know about warehousing medical supplies and pharmaceuticals during an emergency. If your company has warehousing staff and space and you would like more information about or are interested in becoming an RSS Partner click on the last link and someone from the Health Department will contact you.

Other Emergency Preparedness Training


These on-line courses are provided "free" by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for government "disaster service responders", the general public, and partner agencies who may take an active role in any emergency. These classes review the organization and communication procedures needed to respond effectively in any disaster. All on-line classes are free-of-charge and self-paced. Upon completion, FEMA will e-mail a certificate of completion.

Other Resources

Featured Partner

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If you would like to be our featured partner please let us know. We will need written authorization from your corporate headquarters to post your company's logo and site link. If you would like to participate, click here.