Post Test

Please fill in as much information below as possible. Thank you.

  1. A Push Partner Point of Dispensing is a:
    1. Location where anyone in the community can walk in to get medications in an emergency
    2. Specific business location working with the health department to distribute emergency medications to their staff and family members in a large-scale declared public health emergency.
    3. Place where people can get medical care in an emergency
    4. Pharmacy where your doctor sends you to get medications

  2. Staff Roles at a Push Partner POD include:
    1. Push Partner Business Coordinator
    2. Check-In
    3. Medication Distributor
    4. Inventory Tracker
    5. Security
    6. All of the Above

  3. A Push Partner POD will depend on employees to complete screening forms before distributing emergency medications.
    1. True
    2. False

  4. The four main considerations to the set-up of a Push Partner POD include all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Health and Safety
    2. Staff Roles
    3. Security
    4. Location and layout
    5. Pet Areas

  5. Staff at the Check In Station will do which of the following:
    1. Welcome staff to POD
    2. Sign staff in before they enter the POD
    3. Explain the screening and dispensing process that happens at the POD
    4. Hand out screening forms and information about the event
    5. Direct staff where to go for the next station
    6. All of the Above

  6. When would you expect your business open as a Push Partner Point of Dispensing?
    1. When a large group of employees in the county are sick and it's hard to get a doctors appointment.
    2. When the sky is falling
    3. When customers or clients are sick and come to your place of work
    4. If the whole population is at great risk of exposure to a contagious disease or other biological agent and preventative medications need to be taken immediately to prevent severe illness

  7. The Health Department will provide which of the following for a Push Partner POD:
    1. Frequently Asked Questions
    2. Medications being dispensed
    3. Screening forms
    4. All of the Above

  8. When the Health Department needs to activate our Push Partner POD plans we will contact our Push Partners via the California Health Alert Network (CAHAN), Phone Tree and/or Fax.
    1. True
    2. False

  9. Ways to handle staff crisis include all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Make sure that staff showing signs of fatigue are relieved
    2. Check in with staff and family members
    3. Keep in regular contact with the Push Partner Liaison at the Health Department
    4. Yelling at the staff person and kicking them out

  10. When the Push Partner POD Is closing which of these activities needs to be done:
    1. Return any unused materials to your local health department
    2. Collect all paperwork
    3. Participate in De-Briefing
    4. Have staff Sign-In and Sign-Out
    5. All of the Above

In partnership with our local businesses the Health Department collects contact information so that it is able to contact voluteers with the necessary training to set-up and run its PODs. In an effort to keep this information as current as possible; the Yolo County Health Department has developed the form below. When you have completed filling in the form please click the Send button to send your information to the Health Department's Health Alert Network Coordinator.

First Name: Last Name:

Name of Business:

Business City:

If you are willing to volunteer in the event of a large-scale emergency in our county, please fill in your contact information below:

Home Address: City: Zipcode:

Work Address: City: Zipcode:

Home Phone: Work Phone: Cell Phone:

Numeric Pager: Alpha-Numeric Pager:

Primary E-Mail: Secondary E-mail:

If you have any certifications which may aid in Emergency Response please list them in the field below:

Do you currently volunteer for any other agencies in an emergency capacity? (Example: Red Cross)

Have you previously voulunteered during a disaster? If so When and Where? (Example: Hurricane Katrina, Florida)

Do you have experience coordinating large events? Describe:

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I'm Interested In Volunteering For Other Public Health Preparedness Activities!

If you use a web based e-mail system like hotmail or g-mail this form may not automatically send. To download a Word version of the form which can be printed or sent as an attachment: Click here for the Yolo County form.