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Please fill in as much information below as possible. Thank you.

  1. A RSS Partner Warehouse is a:
    1. Owned by the County Health Department
    2. An empty building which is activated as a Warehouse facility during a public health emergency
    3. A collaborative effort between a County Public Health Department and a privately owned warehouse facility
    4. A large Pharmacy

  2. Staff Roles at a RSS Partner Warehouse include:
    1. Order Management Unit Leader
    2. Security Personnel
    3. Loader
    4. Material Unit Leader
    5. Inventory Management System Specialist
    6. All of the Above

  3. A RSS Partner Warehouse depends on County staff and Warehouse staff to work collaboratively together.
    1. True
    2. False

  4. The five main areas in the layout of a RSS Partner Warehouse include all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Vehicle Load Out
    2. Receiving
    3. Staging
    4. Warehouse Operations
    5. Employee Childcare Area
    6. Storage

  5. Staff in the Order Management Unit will do which of the following:
    1. Check staff credentials and identification
    2. Print order paperwork
    3. Move palletized materials through the warehouse
    4. Count incoming inventory
    5. Shrink wrap outgoing inventory

  6. What is the first and foremost consideration in the RSS Partner Warehouse?
    1. Security
    2. Screening
    3. Set-up
    4. Safety

  7. The Health Department/County will provide which of the following for a RSS Partner Warehouse:
    1. Inventory Management System
    2. Computers
    3. Transport Vehicles
    4. All of the Above

  8. 8. The Health Department/County is responsible for making sure that all personnel understand all safety considerations for the facility.
    1. True
    2. False

  9. Receipt of materials include all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. Pallets are unloaded
    2. Materials are checked-in
    3. Materials are picked
    4. Materials are signed for

  10. When the RSS Partner Warehouse is closing all of the following needs to be done EXCEPT:
    1. Clean the employee bathrooms
    2. Vacuum and mop floors as necessary
    3. Secure and return all County-provided equipment and paperwork to the County
    4. Return all keys and access devices to the Partner Warehouse
    5. Remove temporary signs

In partnership with our local businesses the Health Department collects contact information so that it is able to contact voluteers with the necessary training to set-up and run its Partner Warehouse. In an effort to keep this information as current as possible; the Yolo County Health Department has developed the form below. When you have completed filling in the form please click the Send button to send your information to the Health Department's Health Alert Network Coordinator.

By clicking the Send button you are authorizing the County to share your test information with the Rss Partner Warehouse staff

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If you use a web based e-mail system like hotmail or g-mail this form may not automatically send. To download a Word version of the form which can be printed or sent as an attachment: Click here for the El-Dorado County form.