Pack Up

The Health Department maintains contact with all of itís Push Partner PODs. When all of the employees and/or their family members have gone through the Push Partner POD your company will then start breaking down the Push Partner POD. All unused medications, supplies, and all paperwork will need to be returned to the Health Department so that supplies and medicines can be redistributed to other locations that are in need. This process is outlined in the Push Partner Plan template given to your company ahead of time by the health department.

Once the facility is cleared and cleaned, all staff will meet in one area and everyone will be given a chance to voice what they thought worked well and what didnít. This is called a debrief. Please make sure to participate in the debrief so that the Health Department knows how to make the Push Partner POD function more smoothly in the future. Please be sure to listen for any other public service announcements from the health department or messages from your company regarding the emergency. You may get additional information about your medications or the disease or agent.

If you had a role in the Push Partner POD, make sure to sign out before you leave to go home or back to your regular duties. The Health Department is responsible for you while you are working in a POD so always remember to sign in upon arrival to the Push Partner POD and sign out upon your departure from the Push Partner POD.